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What To Give At A Baby Shower.


Shopping for baby shower presents is not the easiest task on earth.

Buying for yourself is hard enough.

So, can you imagine adding a tiny tot to the mix?

Unless you’ve had a baby before, or you’re just a natural shopper, then taking charge of this whole baby shower gift buying situation may seem daunting.

What will make the perfect gift? What do they love? What will make their lives easier?

To make matters worse is when the mom you’re showering already has everything. If there is no baby shower gift registry then you’re out of luck! It’s time to get creative.

It’s better to get them something than nothing at all.

This is the perfect example of “It’s the thought that counts.”

Case in point: what is better than a super cute pair of onesies? Having two!

I’m pretty sure the new mom/dad will appreciate your efforts. Just as long as the gifts are practical.

After all, the best baby shower gifts are useful with a bit of a personal touch!

If you have no clue about where to start (or even if you do but could use some extra inspo) and you want to find out what to give at a baby shower, then continue reading for baby shower gift ideas every new mom will love.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the expecting parent or you’re simply shopping for someone else, there might be something on this list for you (or them!). I know that every mom is different, but come on! it can’t be that bad.

Have some fun playing around with different ideas!

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20 Super Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Mom-To-Be


Cute tiny pink stroller on the display table at a baby shower


1. Diapers


Yes, diapers. Obvious I know. However, diapers are one of the most practical and thoughtful gifts you can give a new parent. They’ll need as many as they can stockpile.

If you aren’t so sure which brand the mom would prefer, you could try adding a few different brands to the mix so that she can pick, choose, and refuse.


2. Handmade Clothes


If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you could consider making a few items of clothing for the baby.

You could go for simpler/less time-consuming things like hats, socks, little shorts, shirts, mittens, and so on.

If you know how to crochet it’s even better!

This is easier to customize and personalize.

Don’t shy away from adding an embroidered pattern or stitch the baby’s name to your designs (that’s if you know what the baby will be called)!

There are so many handmade baby shower gift ideas that you can brainstorm.

Get as creative as possible.

Cuteness can never go wrong either!


3. Baby Reading Books


Do you remember your favorite bedtime story from when you were a child?

Wasn’t it the best feeling falling asleep in your mom/dad’s arms to the sound of his/her voice? Why not extend that courtesy to the little bundle of joy? No, they are never too young for the parents to start reading to them.

There are so many adventures listed between the pages of a good book.

Why don’t you get a bit more personal and recommend your favorite children’s books— delivered in a well put together basket. Now there will always be a book on hand whenever it’s time to say “nighty night” to the little one.


4. Memory Book


Great for documenting every special milestone in the baby’s first years on earth. You (the mom/dad) can get as creative as you (they) would like; adding pictures and sweet little notes. This is a perfect keepsake for when the baby gets older.


5. Burp Cloth


This is a common go-to gift idea, however, it is one that should never be left out.

Create a cute little gift basket including these handy little guys.

Perfect for cleaning up messes and the inevitable drool or spit-ups. Mom/dad’s outfit will definitely stay fresh and clean during feeding time.

Burp cloths are also multi-functional— can be used as a changing mat if so desired.


6. Night Light


The lights are easy on the eyes and can save mom and dad the pain of stubbing a toe or tripping while navigating the nursery at night time.


7. Bath Time Gift Set


A clean baby is a happy baby. Get bath products that are specially formulated to suit the baby’s sensitive skin. Something the parents can feel good about using, and probably would like to stick to going forward.


8. Mini Essential Gift Basket


Yes, I love a good gift basket. LOL.

They are not only practical but also allows you to cover all grounds, especially if, like me, you’re bad a choosing.

If you’re working on a budget, or if you simply cannot choose, why not combine a few smaller (not so expensive) items in a beautifully wrapped basket?

You don’t have to burst your brains on what to put in a baby shower gift basket. As long as you include essentials such as diapers, burp cloths, diaper creams, a diaper pail, basin, baby wipes, hats, socks, pacifiers, bodysuits, baby receiving blankets & towels and so on.


9. A Diaper Bag


If she has diapers, most likely she’ll need something to carry them in—especially when on the go.

This is one item that will be there to stay for years to come, so be sure to focus on durability & size when buying a piece like this.

Ensure that it is big enough to hold all the necessities, as well as allows easy access to the compartments.

If you know the mom-to-be well, then you might be comfortable choosing a design that is more her style.


10. Diaper Changing Pad


Mom (or dad) will have to change a diaper at some point. I’m sure no one wants poop flying everywhere. These are also handy for when mom wants to make a quick diaper change while on the go, or out in public.


11. Stroller


Staying cooped up inside the house can just about drive anyone insane!

This gift idea is good for days when you want to take a walk (get some fresh air), or you have an errand to run and you need to have the baby in tow. You can also get a baby carrier or wrap which are even easier to handle.


12. Crib Sheet Set


These are so soft, and come in all types of colors and patterns! Plus, unlike crib bedding sets, they don’t pose as a choking hazard. Life outside the womb is a big enough adjustment, so try to make it as comfortable as possible for the little rascal.


 13. High Chair


This is among the many practical baby shower gift ideas I’ve already listed.

At some point, the baby will demand to be treated the same as everyone else in the family. That goes for eating from the “Grownup” pot, and it certainly doesn’t exclude wanting to sit upright, in a chair, like everyone else; especially at dinner time. A high chair is an awesome tool just for that purpose.


14. Plates, Cups, and Cutlery


Just as with the high chair, there will be a time when these will come in handy.

Save the new supermom the hassle of future buys and get these as a perfect baby shower gift.

There are a lot of plates, cups, and cutlery options out there, however, unbreakable sippy cups and partitioned plates are good deals.

Separate those veggies, mommy!


15. Maternity Bra


Call them wonder bras!

This is a gift for mommy, because, hey, the baby shower is not just for the baby. Mommy needs a little tender love and care, too!

Postpartum stress can have a “negative” effect on the body. Especially if mommy decides to breastfeed.

I placed the word negative in quotes because it all boils down to how the mom views her body.

We all know that the changes our bodies go through after pregnancy can take a toll on our psyche, especially when our girls aren’t standing as firmly any more.

All of a sudden that sexy black dress doesn’t seem as appealing to us as before.

It’s natural for our bodies to change, however, if the mom-to-be may not be so accepting of this fact, this may make a great baby shower gift.

Give our new mom a natural and well-needed breast lift.

Now she can feel as confident as ever on date nights with bae.


 16. Nipple Cream


Yes, another present for mom. For those days when the girls need a little extra TLC (especially during the first few weeks after birth).


17. Spa Day Gift Certificate


Life as a new mommy can be no short of chaotic, to say the least.

From the ever-changing schedules, changing priorities, to trying to create the best life for her new baby, it’s easy for her to forget to care for herself amidst the whirlwind of to-dos.

I think a certificate that allows her the opportunity to self-care (and be left feeling pampered) is a thoughtful gift that shows her that you’re thinking of her, too.

Make sure to get it for somewhere and some time convenient for our busy-bee mommy.


18. Reading Material for Mom


If she is a first-time mom, then she might have her work cut out for her. Raising a baby is not as simple as ABC/123. Parenthood is full of surprises and plenty of questions.

Sometimes, when grandma is not a phone call or a doorstep away, a few wise words from another expert may be what she needs. Be it in a video format or written words in a best-selling magazine or book (hardcopy or e-book).

Gift her with a selection of best-sellers on parenting & motherhood.

Yes, our new mom may be busy, but she’ll also have time to read. Be it while nursing (or bottle feeding), at the park, a doctor’s appointment, or waiting on the oven’s timer to ping. If she has a reason to, she’ll make the time.


19. Personalized Items for Daddy


How can you forget about daddy dearest? 🙂 He is just as important to the equation as the mom.

You can get him cute little items such as pens, coffee mugs, T-shirts, keyrings, etc. You can make it even more special with his name on it, or inscriptions such as “Not all super dads wear capes“, or “Daddy dearest“, or even something as simple as, “I’m a dad!”.

Don’t hold back on choosing the perfect baby shower gifts for dad!


20. A Notebook Planner


To-Do lists will play a major role in our new mommy’s life.

A reusable notebook planner will come in handy for when our super mommy needs to jot down a few notes, make a grocery list, or just make a note of things she has to do.

Having all of her important notes in one place makes it easier for her to keep track of her daily activities while keeping organized (giving her a sense of control).

This is not only a cheap baby shower gift idea but a practical and efficient one, too.


Final Thoughts


Shopping for new gifts can be both an exciting and stressful time.

I know that coming up with gifts for new moms or deciding what to buy for a baby shower isn’t the easiest thing to do, so that is why we’ve found 20 great baby shower gift ideas to help you get started.

If you’ve exhausted this list yet was unable to settle on any baby shower gift ideas that you loved, or thought the mom-to-be or dad-to-be will love, then why not opt for a gift certificate to a local store/ or even online for them to do the shopping themselves?

They have a better chance of knowing exactly what they want and would love.

A gift is a gift, and a gift card is still thoughtful.



Do you think you’ll go for anything on this list? Leave your comments below.

Don’t forget to bookmark this post for future reference. You can even share it with friends, or other baby-shower attendees who might be in a similar situation.

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