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Hi! Welcome to TotSmart Co. – where we pride ourselves in attempting to make the mothering world a little less overwhelming, at least one aspect of it: shopping for your kid’s clothing.




Being recently appointed “auntie extraordinaire” for the third time in a row, to a three-month-old baby girl, I have firsthand knowledge, well second hand, about how much effort it takes to find the right clothes for your little bundles of joy.

This may be due to several reasons, namely: no free time to browse the internet, limited knowledge about all the wonderful offers that are out there, price, issues with size, type and style et cetera.

In my sister’s case, her baby girl was born prematurely which made it even more difficult to find the right fit.

But we can help.




We want to help you save time and money – resources that should instead be invested in raising your family. We also understand the challenges you face daily as a parent. Parenthood can be one of the most exciting, yet scariest phases of our lives.

From conception, a parent may be concerned with giving her child the best: keeping him/her healthy, happy, and safe by providing the basic needs: food, shelter, and CLOTHING!

We take satisfaction in making your and your baby’s life easier, more comfortable, and FASHIONABLE. All on a budget.




TotSmart has partnered with some top brands in the market to offer you a myriad of affordable options for you to make smart choices when picking and choosing clothing for your tiny tots.

By using TotSmart Co., you can navigate the web much easier, faster, and conveniently to identify, favorite, add to your cart and buy the coolest, prettiest, most comfortable clothes for your kids. All while sipping on a cup of coffee, or keeping an ear out for the baby monitor.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



All the best,


Founder Of TotSmart

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